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What is a MyStella Personalized Star Map?

MyStella is a personalized star map that can be customized with any day, location, and date. This gift will last forever as it's printed on the front of the map. You can also have MyStella made for someone else by filling out their birthday or another special date.

If you are looking for a thoughtful and long-lasting gift then look no further than MyStella! A personalized star map is a unique and meaningful gift for any occasion.

MyStella embodies ideas of love, permanence, joy, and sentimentality. All star maps are carefully printed and double-checked in Europe. To build your star map it takes only a few minutes. The process is simple, fast and user-friendly even for mobile users.

This meticulous attention makes these customized gifts perfect as they help you make your mark on someone's life. MyStella is a gift that's ready to ship, so you can order it today with just a few clicks on your computer. You'll receive a thoughtfully museum-quality printed personalized star map in about 5-10 days' time.

Maybe it's a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary; every opportunity to make someone feel loved and appreciated - MyStella is the perfect gift for any occasion.
MyStella star map

How to make a star map?

1. Choose your special place and time

Decide for which event (birthday, anniversary, marriage, ...) you will create a star map. It will take you no more than 30 seconds.

2. Enter your personal message

Write a short, sweet but meaningful messages for your loved one. You can choose from a list of most thoughtful messages for your occasion.

3. Choose your design

MyStella star maps are available in six gorgeous designs. With a single click you see the preview and select the one you like the most.


Due to a spike in demand from Great Britain users, we are experiencing a higher volume of orders. Hurry up, and order your star map today as future orders may be delayed 4-8 weeks.


An elegant frame, superior print quality and your personal touch will make this gift magical and everlasting.


Each map is handcrafted and reviewed. We guarantee a 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked.


Due to a spike in demand from Great Britain users, we are experiencing a higher volume of orders. Hurry up, and order your star map today as future orders may be delayed 4-8 weeks.

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Verified buyer

What a lovely gift! We got it for a couple of newly-weds, and they told us it was their favorite gift of all, simple but beautiful. I'd like to thank you for your kindness and taking the time to advise me - the frame really did make a difference, would definitely go for it again. Thank again. 🙏 You'll definitely be hearing from me soon. ❤️🥰

Verified buyer

The maps are amazing! The quality of the print and the craftsmanship are extraordinary :) I got it as a gift for the birth of my sister's baby :) She was thrilled! I also got a lot of questions where I bought it.

Verified buyer

I received it, 100 times thank you!
My kid absolutely loved it!

Verified buyer

It arrived and I have to say I'm more than pleased! It's really beautiful and something special! It will be a gift to my boyfriend and I am really interested in his reaction. However, I do believe that he will be as surprised as was I when I first found this out :) The idea is really phenomenal and I wish you a lot of success in the future! Thank you so far! ❤️

Verified buyer

Hello, we received our map... and not only did it make the birtday girl cry, it made all the guest cry!
A perfect gift!
Thank you!

Verified buyer

Just wanted to say that the map is great, eveybody loves it - especially people who come to visit and haven't seen it before. 🌟

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Our maps are 70 cm high and 50 cm wide. Quite small -- compared to the smiles on the faces of people who get them.

Our star maps are scientifically accurate!

YES! It is super important that you know that our personalized star maps are not just a random print. Based on your input (city, date) we compute geocentric coordinates from sophisticated custom-made software connected to United States Naval Observatory and then we put it on beautiful design as you see it if build your own star map here


Is it possible to order a star map for future events?

Absolutely! The positions of stars and planets are tracked in some of the world's most advanced space agencies. Therefore, it is possible to draw star positions from the past, as well as predict their position in the future.

Is the position of the stars and planets represented accurately?

The representations are accurate because we use mathematical methods to determine the position of the celestial bodies. The positions of stars and planets are accurately recorded in the bases of the world's space agencies.



Due to a spike in demand from Great Britain users, we are experiencing a higher volume of orders. Hurry up, and order your star map today as future orders may be delayed 4-8 weeks.

Mystella - star map, customer Nika.
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